Kimberly Smith For Assembly District 80

Growing strong communities.  Together.



Born in Madison, Kimberly Smith spent many days on the steps of the State Capitol as a child.  An only child for the first eight years of her life, Kim and her mother moved often. Growing up in poverty, Kimberly and her mother experienced homelessness, and utilized local charities such as the YMCA.  After her mother suffered a stroke that left her a quadriplegic, Kimberly moved with her family to south central Dane County.  This early childhood adversity crafted her character, making her compassionate and independent.

Wisconsin citizens are tired of the partisan divide in the state. Gridlock does not have to be inevitable. Strong and compassionate leaders are able to bring people together for the greater good, and the right ideas will move us forward.  Kimberly has made a commitment to be the change that she wants to see at our capitol.  

Kimberly resides in Oregon with her husband, Josh, and two sons.  Her daughter attends college at MATC, studying Early Childhood Education.


Issues & Political Concerns


Small Business and Economy

The Covid Pandemic has forced many small businesses to close their doors and has put stress on our remaining small businesses and Farmers.  The focus now must be on supporting non-profits and other companies that provide entrepreneurs with access to capital, as well as arranging for state and federal emergency funding to ensure the survival of our small businesses and Farms.  The strength of our workforce will also be integral to improving our economy as we navigate losses due to the Covid Pandemic.  Programs that increase the skill set and education of Wisconsin's citizens will also be supported.


Prioritizing the needs of EVERY student is vital to the success of our school systems. We must ensure our schools receive the investment they need to attract the best teachers and adopt the best technology to help prepare our children for the workforce or Higher Learning.  

Criminal Justice

By some measures, Wisconsin is the worst state in the nation in terms of racial segregation and inequality for black and minority communities. Ending mass incarceration is imperative to the health and wellbeing of communities that have historically been under siege. Treatment and supervision over harsher sentencing are more cost effective and provide better outcomes. Financially funding educational, vocational, and treatment programs to reduce recidivism is crucial. We must revisit mandatory minimums and other reforms that have harmed, not healed our communities. We must also improve reporting and data collection to ensure reforms implemented produce the expected results and equitable outcomes.

Cannabis Reform

Cannabis reform is viewed favorably by many Americans. Medical Cannabis is legal in over 25 states.  The benefits of cannabis have been documented to relieve nausea, tremors, and neuropathic pain, among other benefits.

Fair Maps

A non partisan model should replace the current model of redistricting.  Remove the responsibility of drawing districts from the majority in the legislature to a centralized and representative non-partisan entity that reflects all sectors of Wisconsin.  This would require non-partisan staff, and a prohibition on using political data.  Two levels of oversight are needed, and an added Advisory Commission would provide advice and guidance.  The non-partisan entity could then engage the legislature.  This could potentially give voters more continuity in their representation as well.

Voter Information

Election Dates

Partisan Primary: August 11th, 2020

General Election: November 3rd, 2020

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It is through adversity that we become who we are meant to be.  It’s where our strength and character are forged.


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